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1 July, 2016 / Games

The NewZealand Story is a platformer released in 1988 and developed by Taito. It was originally an arcade-only release but was later ported to home computers by Ocean. A remake called NewZealand Story Revolution was released in 2007 for Nintendo DS. It did however not receive the same degree of acclamation as its predecessor.

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18 June, 2016 / Games

Galdregon’s domain is an RPG developed by Pandora Software and released in 1988. It was launched on a number of platforms, including PC, Amiga and Atari ST 520. Depending on which continent you live on the game can also go by the name of Death Bringer and boast really tacky box art.

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16 June, 2016 / Games

Pang is an arcade game released in 1989 and developed by Mitchell. It was closely followed by a number of conversions made by Ocean for several platforms. Both versions were widely successful and Pang has since spawned both a whole bunch of conversions and sequels, with the latest iteration Pang Adventures released as late as 2016. The original Pang was one of my absolute favorite games on Atari ST 520.

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6 June, 2016 / Games

Rainbow Islands, also known as Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2, is the not quite as famous sequel to the widely popular Bubble bobble. It was developed by Taito and released in 1987. After an initial arcade version it was ported to a number of home computers and games consoles, such as C64, NES, Amiga, Saturn and Playstation.

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4 May, 2016 / Games

Gemini Wing is a shmup released in 1987 and developed by Tecmo. It was released on a whole bunch of systems like C64, MSX, Amstrad CPC and AmigaOS, but I mostly played the Atari 520 ST version.

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